Domestic Policy Issue: Drug Policy II

Domestic Policy Issue: Drug Policy II

Good evening,

This next issue is ultimately an extension of a previous post concerning drug policy. However, this time the question is this: should nonviolent drug offenders be given mandatory jail sentences?

Of course, if you have read my previous post you can already predict my answer; no. Punishing people for drug use is the wrong way to go about the drug issue in Canada. Obviously, drugs are not optimal for a functioning human body in almost every way but it is likely safe to assume most people already know that, especially those who are actually engaging in drug abuse. Humans with a drug problem should be helped not humiliated, therefore no jail sentence should be handed out. We need to educate everyone properly on drugs and not hide that information just in case we “ruffle some feathers” so to speak; easy access to information is the key.

We need to refer people to mental health therapists and to safe havens where they can be slowly drawn off the drugs if they choose or continue doing drugs in a safe and supervised environment. Taxpayers money could be spent in a much better way rather than funneling it into prisons to look after nonviolent drug offenders who, quite honestly, are for the most part only harming their own bodies. There are other ways that drugs are harmful to those humans that are connected to the victim but we will not discuss that here.

Of course, if drug dealers are selling to minors or other similar instances, then there should be a punishment. This goes in hand with my previous post since I argued that all drugs should be decriminalized and could be purchased through government-controlled dispensaries by those who have proper identification and who are not under a specific age. Drugs need to be controlled and those who possess and abuse them should be regulated but the government needs to come up with an alternative and effective way of doing this.



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