Social Issue: LGBT Adoption Rights

Social Issue: LGBT Adoption Rights

Good evening,

The next topic I wish to discuss is the rights of people that are a part of the LGBT community. Specifically, the topic is of LGBT adoption rights: should couples that are not in a heterosexual relationship have the same adoption rights?

First of all, this is not a discussion of gay marriage in particular. Gay marriage in Canada has been legal since 2005 (the USA followed suit ten years later) but in my opinion it should never have been illegal in the first place. Discrimination based on sexual orientation is ridiculous and we need to stop with the stigmatizing of those who fall anywhere else on the spectrum of sexuality that is not the norm. Should the government ban humans from, for example, eating apples with ketchup just because it is “outside the norm” and because some may see it as “unnatural”? You’re not eating it, it doesn’t affect you in any way; you did not suddenly develop an autoimmune disease by watching another human eat apples with ketchup. But I digress…

An opponent of LGBT adoption rights may launch into many emotionally-charged arguments such as a man and woman family structure is best for children or children need their biological mother and father more than adopted parents. Because LGBT adoption rights are a relatively new in Canada, there is not much in the way of credible statistics but this will change over time as new data starts coming in. There is no rational reason as to why same-sex couples should be denied the right to adopt over a heterosexual couple with identical credentials. To my knowledge, members of the LGBT community do not have a prominent history of child abuse, substance abuse, criminal activity, etc. as compared to their straight counterparts. This can easily be extended to denying prospective parents based on anything else such as their cultural background, religious beliefs or the amount of melanin found in a human individual’s integumentary system to name a few.

Of course, we should deny anyone the right to adopt if they have a history of substance abuse and have not proceeded through proper treatment programs, if they have been convicted of a serious crime or if they are not stable financially and/or mentally and would quickly be unable to properly care for a child. There are many couples in Canada that, in general, would easily be denied the right to adopt but have children of their own only because they have the complementary anatomy to produce offspring. This can also be an argument against those that say a man/ woman heterosexual relationship is the best family structure; there has been no substantial evidence to suggest that same-sex parents are not as capable as their straight counterparts. In fact, many studies have found just the opposite.

The world is slowly understanding that sexuality is not a binary system and luckily we are moving away from traditional gender roles or what a particular human is supposed to do, how they should act or who they should love in their own lives.



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