Domestic Policy Issue: Gun Control

Domestic Policy Issue: Gun Control

Good afternoon,

The next issue I wish to discuss is one that does not require much of an educational background; only a small amount of common sense will suffice. The issue at hand is gun control in Canada. Most Canadians realize, at the very least, that gun control is much stricter than in the United States but it is quite a bit more lax than in countries such as Britain, Australia and other Commonwealth nations.

At the present time, all humans wishing to obtain and possess a firearm must hold a license which can be obtained once . However, laws have been put into effect that does not require the registration of non-restricted firearms; these include any other rifle and shotgun that are not listed as restricted and prohibited. For good reason, firearms listed under prohibited such as fully automatic weapons are under this category for good reason. The military has a use for such weapons but for private use they are overkill, highly unnecessary and are extremely dangerous in the hands of individuals without the proper training. It is clear why these sorts of weapons should stay in this category.

This is a nice segue into the next category: restricted. These weapons in general include rifles such as the M-16. These firearms can be used at a shooting range or during competitions but they are not to be used for hunting purposes. This is also not a surprise for the most obvious reason of overkill, literally. I also feel that here I should make the obvious point that those individuals convicted of criminal offenses should never be allowed to purchase and possess a firearm; it is too risky for the government to put that trust into someone that has been known in the past to engage in criminal activity. Another obvious point is that the nature of the criminal activity should be evaluated thoroughly before denying an applicant.

It makes no matter what category a firearm is placed into, I believe that all of those people who wish to possess and acquire a firearm should have the proper training in the form of a comprehensive and rigorous course and a thorough criminal record check at the very least.  While this criminal record check is being processed, there should also be a mandatory 45 day to two month waiting period before the application is accepted; of course barring any complications with the application and courses. A license and course renewal should also be done every 5 – 10 years.

Canada has also abolished the need for non-restricted weapons to be registered. I believe this is ridiculous; each and every firearm that is sold to a valid license holder should be registered and should have the ability to be tracked. Those who use a firearm need to be held accountable for any criminal activity that they may engage in. For those who oppose this, let me say that self defense and the safety of the household and family should not be deemed criminal. Everyone has the right to life and to uphold the well-being of themselves and their families but we should not be carrying guns around in the streets. In short, guns for hunting and household/ personal/ family protection but not for use and possession in public spaces or against another human in a manner that is not self-defense.

A license should also be required when purchasing ammunition and the price of ammunition should be increased in some cases. This not only controls the amount of the actual component of a gun that is damaging, but it could also require those who do buy ammunition to think twice before discharging a firearm, as it comes at a greater financial cost. Of course, there is no way of controlling all firearms and ammunition in Canada, however gun registry is the first step to curbing unnecessary acts of violence against other humans. Do keep in mind that there is a lot more to firearms and gun control in general that has not been touched on here.



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