Social Issue: Women in Combat

Social Issue: Women in Combat

Good morning,

For my first attempt at discussing an issue in Canada, I would like to start off with something that should not require a lot of background knowledge. This issue is women in combat; in other words, should the military allow women to serve in combat roles?

In my opinion, the word “issue” is an issue in and of itself; this is not something that should really be debated upon. If some women feel the desire, as many men do, to serve in the military then they should be allowed to do so. In the age of human equality, there is no real reason why a woman should not be able to do anything to the same level and with the same vigour as men. I find it staggering that it took until 1982 with Canada’s Charter of Rights to command the Armed Forces to consider women as equal to men and permit them entry into a combat role instead of the classical administrative or supportive role.

There are many men and women who have absolutely no desire to enter the military in a combat role. Therefore, if there are men and women willing to take my place then I applaud them for doing so and I do not care if it is a man or a woman. I should note here that I use man and woman loosely; this applies to those who identify with all gender types but I will not get into that here.

Some may argue that women are not “fit” enough to compete with men in a combat role or that their biological makeup somehow puts them at a disadvantage. I believe this is ridiculous and you do not need to look far to see women doing amazing things when it comes to strength, accuracy skills, agility and so forth; and they do it quite a bit better than I do. I believe women in combat roles can bring something new to the table, a new outlook that their male counterparts may not seem from their point of view and can therefore be at least as effective if not more in many situations.

I can not think of any sound argument that can be made to sway my opinion but readers are welcome to try. The reader should also bring up any points, positive or negative, and we can begin a discussion.



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