Political Issues in Canada

Political Issues in Canada

Good evening,

Over the next little while I will be posting on various political issues that one may find either important and exciting or dreary and should be avoided at all costs. I am not a politician since I am scientifically minded and believe that the scientific process is extremely important, especially considering how quickly humans are ready to take everything they read at face value and avoid processing it thoroughly and critically.

Having said that, each issue I post will be thought out by this author beforehand and all are welcome to make criticisms backed by fact-based reasoning as to why they believe different. I believe, unlike perhaps a few politicians, that everyone including themselves should be open to constructive criticisms as long as they are justified. In light of new empirical data contradicting our view, we need to be open to throwing out our old stance and progressing to a new and improved one.

The hope is that all political issues can be covered and I can create a so-called “master list” of all my political views, which may or may not change from the present. While it is not possible to please everyone, at least explanations can be made from my side as to exactly why a certain stance is taken on any specific issue and there can be a sufficient level of understanding.

Perhaps with this list I could one day create a new political party, one never seen before in Canada; we could possibly call it the Intellectual Party?



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